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Kentucky Hunting food Plot Description of Grounds

Deer Hunting in Kentucky on a Clover food plot
Whitetail hunting
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Food plots for deer

Food Plot Area Descriptions:

  1. Property line area.  Narrow and approximately 100 yards long.  Good spot for bow hunters with several trees to place a stand.  Gun hunters can sit in an existing ground blind, that has view of a larger 1 acre field as well.  Either Alfafla or Oats is usually here.
  2. Long and Narrow, prefered food plot shape, with a clover & alfalfa mix.  Tower blind located to shoot over this plot and plot #3.  Pop-up blind would be good here, but no bow hunting places except for location #15.
  3. A nice 200 yard shot from a tower blind.  Ladder stand present as well.   Stripped with a variety of things depending on the season.  Clover, Cereal Rye, Lab Lab, Brassicas.   A good 30 minute walk from the cabin. My Kentucky hunting outfitter pick.
  4. Tree line to the north great for bow hunters.  To the south is 20 acres of pines and thickets. Stream to the west 50 yards.  Have a big viewing area of 5+-acres on a view of destination food plot #6.
  5. Small Alfalfa plot next to the creek.  Plenty of trees for bow hunters to place a stand.
  6. Destination plot full of different plantings in strips and sections - Brassicas, Alfalfa, Oats/Cereal Rye, Lab Lab (depends on if it's a a summer plot or prepped for kill plots which is done each Fall)  Bow hunters will see deer, you just have to pick a spot.  In the woods to the east are good trees for stands or to the south where a good tree line exists of larger trees.  Tower blind located here.
  7. Same tower blind that is used to #6 hunts this one as well.  Spots for good stand locations are all around this plot.  The stream (usually 2 inches to a food deep) runs next to this plot.  Stagnant water pond is located here.  1/2 the plot is clover and the other 1/2 is either Canola, Oats or Brassicas.
  8. Plot located near thick cover with a good treed area for a stand to the north. 
  9. You can’t see plot #8 from here, but deer travel back and forth. Good spots for stands.  Off of 9 run a long narrow strip always planted with something different from Oats, turnips, clover, etc.  2 tree stands present.
  10. Plot is  isolated in the middle of hardwoods.  There is a ground blind located for a shot at this plot about 150 yards away.  Plenty of good trees for a stand.  Approximate size is 40’ X 250’.  6 foot deep trench X 10 foot goes past this plot.  Many big bucks travel this.  
  11. Very small kill plot in thick cover and thick pines. Longest shot would be 40 yards.  You might not see a lot of deer, but it’s a “safe” spot for the big one to show. Tree stand present.  Solid clover plot.
  12. Hardwoods location of the food plot.  An easy 15 minute walk from the cabin. 2 tree stands are located here. The second stand is to get a better long distance shot with a gun in the hardwoods.  You can see out a good 250 yards being on top of a hillside. Clover plot.
  13. Food plot near this cover and hardwood.  I have a slider window to shoot out of the cabin should you be sick or feel like lounging most of the day peaking out of it.  Clover Plot 
  14. This is a young persinonym orchard of 15+ trees.  It’s just a bulldozed opening in the woods with trees in fencing as well as being planted with Chufas for turkey.  This is a "turkey only" plot. 
  15. Very small cleared opening with browse and clover.  Not a maintained plot anymore, but have seen plenty of deer in there from tower blind.  Not an easy place to shoot bow out of.