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So post a reply and link to this article.  My experience with both placing mineral sites and hunting over mineral sites for Kentucky whitetail deer has been a little less than exciting.  We all love seeing hoof prints in the mud and the holes that get larger and larger, but has anyone had some great hunting experiences when it comes to mineral stations? 

Here is my basic mix:

50 pound bag of mineral (standard cow mineral $6)

50 pound bag of salt (standard livestock salt $5)

A pint of grape koolaid for sweetness

1 small box of baking soda to help with any indigestion tendencies

The problem people have with mineral stations if that you forget where you put them!  These places need to be “recharged” every 6 months or so to keep the deer really using them.  An ideal location would be where a tree stand is located for  a Kentucky deer hunt sitting and where the ground has a small impression so that it will hold a little moisture.  You won’t really want your mineral washing off over the top of a bunch of ground.  You need to keep in concentrated in a less than 6 foot circle.  When if the best time to eat candy?  All of the time!  But minerals intended time for Kentucky deer consumption would be in the Spring when the antlers are beginning to grow and when fawns are in the womb “stealing” some of those valuable nutrients from their mothers. This is just an essential practice for Kentucky whitetail outfitters.  Of all the things done for growing deer, give this one a 2% value, which is high!  

Overall Kentucky deer hunting experience:

mineral sites - 2%

Food plots - 8%

Getting a management plan in place and stopping your neighbors from shooting small deer - PRICELESS

I personally don't get a lot of action from deer right away with my mineral blend.  I see some hoof tracts, but it takes a little time to get the deer to start scenting up the area and a little impression to be created to hold moisture.

Reply below – I’d like to hear other’s experience with this sort of thing.