Kentucky gun hunt

Kentucky Hunting Leases - Modern Gun 

Choosing to modern gun hunt with a Kentucky outfitter during mid November is about the best way to guarantee a trophy buck.  So many are eager to be out hunting Kentucky deer during this time when movement is at it’s best.  Get to your stand early and stay as late as you can because this is the time most KENTUCKY DEER HUNTS are going on.  The Kentucky deer season (gun) is usually a short two-week timeframe.  

All of the food plots tend to be in prime condition.  If you’re looking for a Kentucky deer hunting guide, our "do-it-yourself" ranch may be the next best thing.  “Guides” are associated with extra cost.  They are wonderful tools if you choose to spend the money - they are well worth the extra cost, don't get me wrong.  I chose to be a school teacher, so some of us have to watch how we spend money more closely than others.  

We practice good judgment and informing our Kentucky deer hunters on the food plots available, where they are located, the trails to access them, and where tower blinds are located.  The season opening weekend, Saturday and Sunday, in the first 4 hours each morning you'll hear probably 60 shots the last 4 hours in the evening you'll hear around 60.  The following Saturday and Sunday you will hear a few less in the morning hours around 30 and in the evening around 30.  The gun shots you hear could be one of your friends!  Gun shots echo in the hills.  The property hunts four gun hunters comfortably.  However, we don't mix parities.  If someone books by themselves, then that is all that will be at camp and on the property.

Safety harnesses are to be used at all times both on our stands and in the ones you bring.  Kentucky deer hunting leases will obviously have the highest success rates during modern gun season, but muzzle loading Kentucky deer season is not that far behind.  Bow hunters tend to be more patient and have more time to be selective on which buck they want to harvest, so due to that fact and their kill range, their success rates are lower.

The longest shot in the open at this Kentucky deer hunting lease would be about 200 yards.  Most of the deer food plots have been chiseled out of a 100% wooded area.  Now there is a section of hardwoods that a 300+ yard rifle shot could be in order.  When the leaves are gone, one can get shots off at 300 yards.  While on your Kentucky deer hunt at our property, there are no guide or outfitter tips accepted because we just educate you to the terrain and provide you with a sound bearing of the location of everything.  This is a Kentucky free range fair chase deer hunt, but we do supply a considerable amount of advantages to put the odds in your favor.

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