Protecting Trophy Whitetail

Quality Deer Management

How to Protect Fawns from Predators

 We all know there are natural predators for our Kentucky trophy deer.   Do saavy outfitters take these herd depopulators for granted because they don’t see them on a regular basis?  Coyotes are known to take out near 25% of all fawns on an annual basis so it stands to reason most consciousness land mangers focus on preditors.  Here are a few basic steps to help those wanting to harvest a Kentucky trophy whitetail.

Provide adequate bedding areas and cover within your hunting property so that the fawns have a place to hide and stay low-key until  they are big enough to at least give those pesky coyotes a run for their money.

There are many hunters and responsible outdoorsman that aren’t fortunate to own land to hunt, but they are more than willing to do some coyote hunting on any landowners property.  These people are not only courteous, but they are also appreciative.  Allowing them to bring out their $400 coyotee calls and decoys will allow many of those you boon and crocket bucks to survive.
Trappers would love to spend some time getting rid of not only coyoeets, but beavers and other varmits that do nothing but vandalize your deer camps and eat all your corn from the auto-feeders.  People that trap do not simply kill these animals, it’s a hobby of passion pays very little. 

Outfitters in Kentucky look for many ways to improve their wildlife habitat.  Growing deer can be done many different ways, but those who want to maximize their antler potential, utilize any techniques available to them.  Quality deer management is a passion shared amongst all Kentucky outfitters.  None of us make anywhere near the money that should be made from a low-end $500k investment up to hunting land worth millions and millions of dollars.  The income from paid deer hunts pays for seed, fertilizer and subsidizes a few farm toys enough that the wives let us keep the ranches.