Shooting coyotees helps everyone!  They are preditors that love to go after small game, turkey and even try to get their teeth into fawns.  Unfortunately I have to charge or else I'd have every Dick, Tom and Harry wanting to shoot AR 15's for fun exposing me to liability.  

$200 is the minimum cost.  You can hunt for 1 or 2 days for that price.  That does not include use of the cabin.  There is a motel 25 minutes away that charges $49 per night.  If you want to use the basic cabin, I have to charge an extra $50 because you might use that much up in gas for heat. 

  • no 4-wheelers allowed
  • no target shooting or siting in guns
  • it is $200 per person whether hunting or not

I hope you come out and make this an annual event.  Blast a few coyotes or try some trapping skills (most people aren't that good).  Trapping requires lots of equipment and lot of equipment preparation.  I find it quite rewarding, but I usually just catch possums and rabbits!

***I have a year-round resident on the main cabin on this property.  If you're looking for a place to shoot your bright and shiny AR15 this place is not for you. AR15's are the preferred weapon, but any .223 bolt, .243, .270, 30-30 or bigger weapon will be fine.  Chances are you'll only get to pull the trigger once per animal anyway.  They aren't dumb!

If you're new to Coyote hunting, then you should do your research.  They are very smart, cunning and almost always approach you from down wind!  You can't come unprepared.  You must purchase a decoy of some sort that has movement as well as a Coyote Call.  Some people claim to hunt coyote in the woods, but that's not easy!  The bigger the food plot the better!  I have a tower blind I'd suggest you sit in and give it a shot.  Ideally you'd have 5 family members with 1,000's of acres of farms you can randomly do some coyote calling and shoot them at multiple farms, but not everyone was born into those families.

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Coyote Hunting & Coyote Trapping

Your efforts to protect my animals friends from predators are appreciated!

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