​​Hinge Cutting for  Kentucky Trophy Deer

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Creating cover for your Kentucky deer hunting lease property is a relatively new concept among Kentucky outfitters.  It’s an affordable way to create good deer habitat without buying or renting a bulldozer.  When cutting trees for deer management, hinge cutting utilizes less desirable trees to humans, but trees that produce wonderful foliage for deer to eat.  It’s like deer candy!  Some of these “junk trees” produce large leaves that the deer love, but can’t eat because they are say tall. 

Sweet gum is a wonderful tree for deer that Kentucky outfitters love to see on a property.  Oak, Walnut and those types of trees are desirable if you’re looking to sell timber, but deer do not appreciate these types of trees at all.  There are trees growing in your woods that create wonderful amounts of food for the deer to browse on, but this food source is just kept out of their reaches.  When you hinge cutting a Kentucky tree, you are leaving enough wood for a “connection” of nutrients and water to still be supplied by the roots up to the tree branches.  So when you cut the tree down, you are only cutting from one side of the tree and not making the back cut as everyone usually does when cutting down a tree.  Those who market Kentucky deer hunts and Kentucky outfitters use this method to create a better habitat for their deer herd. When providing a Kentucky deer hunting lease to  people, you just do everything you can to provide them the best possible hunt.

The other benefit to hinge cutting for Kentucky deer is the added cover it creates for the deer to  feel safe and secure.  A more successful ky deer hunt can be had if the deer have many places to bed that are just tall enough for them to stand; no more and no less.  They need to be able to leap out from a predator, but need to feel sheltered from them as well.  This type of Kentucky deer management and Kentucky outfitter technique also aids in deer hunters being elusive on their way to the tree stand.  Avoiding detection when trying to harvest a Kentucky trophy deer is probably one of the most important things you can do as a hunter.  Kentucky outfitters preach this fact all the time.