It's difficult trying to select the perfect kentucky whitetail hunting outfitter to suit your needs.  There are several considerations that comes to mind:

  1. What is the budget?
  2. What ameniitties do we want? 
  3. What size deer do we want to hunt?
  4. Bow season or gun season?
  5. What are the opportunity rates?
  6. Does the hunting outfitter provide of photos of bucks to shoot?
  7. Do we want a fully guided (PH) Deer hunt

Let's be honest though, it boils down to how much we're wanting to spend for this experience.  All things being equal with money not being an object, i would go to a nicer place!  i'd like to sit in a hot tub, shoot some pool and have beer provided for me.   HOwever some of you may already have those luxuries or they just don't personally interest you.  If you're interested in good hunting and getting in touch with the wilderness not having to have your "game face" on, then come hunt the woods with me at my place and Book  Kentucky Deer Hunt.

Other considerations to decide upon prior to going bow or gun hunting:

  • How long is the hunt?
  • How far is the drive?
  • How many hunters are coming with me?
  • unless it's a high-fence operation, you have to purchase a license 

If you've read this far this you're giving serious thought to visiting my deer ranch.  Please come out for a 30 minute tour of the hunting grounds to see the food plots, auto feeders, and just the overall deer habitat.

How to Book the right hunt

Ky Whitetail Outfitter