Our enjoyment comes from managing land w/ 13 food plots scattered within 155 secluded wooded acres. The property is 95% wooded with the food plot openings mostly coming from a bulldozer a bought to create the perfect hunting environment. The 1,000's and 1,000's of acres around me is wooded as well, which makes my food plots even more efficient. 

The prices will be below, but I was going to tell you about the property first. Here is my website: http://www.huntingkentuckydeer.com

Hunt in tower blinds, tripods, ladder stands, traditional tree stands and ground blinds. Stalk the deer if you'd like. My bucks I'm most proud of in years past came from stalking. 

Hunt over your choice of kill plots: New Zealand Brassicas/Rape (3), clover (5), alfalfa (2), clover/alfalfa (4), oats/wheat/cereal rye (3), stagnant water pond, auto-feeders (4), mineral sites, etc. I spare no expense putting in what I want and making sure the PH, Potash and Phosphate levels are perfect to attract the deer from my vast wooded area. 

How it works: If you book early enough, I insist you come out for a tour to see all the possible hunting spots on 4-wheelers. I really don't mind showing you around. DON'T give me any money or make a decision then! If you come out to look at the ground, I guarantee you'll be calling me back later and sending a check in the mail. It's the only thing I've sold in my life that I know if you look, you'll be hunting out there.

Late Season Bow Hunt - call for 5 day pricing

Muzzle Load Hunt (5 days, 5 nights)  - call for pricing

Gun Season - call for pricing (sells out too quickly though)

Modern Gun Season is only near 10 days long in total from year to year.

I guarantee you'll see an 8 pointer or bigger, I just STRONGLY encourage you to wait for the horns to be well outside the ears and tall tines (130 inches or so). Of course that isn't a "real" guarantee, I'm just saying if you and a buddy come out hunting, chances of shooting a nice buck exists.  All I do is take photos of deer and put them on the website; it's up to you to decide if you want to hunt my ground.

Email me or text: 270-766-7166

Before you contact me, there are big deer here, but this isn't Illinois. If you've shot countless Boon and Crocket deer (170+ inch deer), we have them, but my place isn't for you.  Anyway, I want people to shoot deer who come to my place. I'm not comfortable taking money from someone "planning" on shooting a state record. These deer are free range and not fenced in "pets". 

50% deposit required (non-refundable). 100% of fee must be paid within 60 days of your hunt. You are responsible for your deer license. 

Absolutely no does are to be shot unless arrangements are made. Absolutely no bucks permitted to be shot under 8 points in size as well as a 125' minimum.  Self-imposed $200 fine for any accidents (it happens).  Just leave the money at the cabin and text me where you put it.

More Reading-
-I might only meet you once to show you the property and probably won't be out there during your hunt. I'm not an outfitter who cooks you breakfast. I'm more than happy to show people the land if you're close enough to drive and check it out. 
-The entire perimeter of the property has a bulldozed 4-wheeler trailer around it so that you can't get lost. You'll receive a map of all 13+ food plots, all interior trails, all existing stands, cabin, location, deer gutting area, etc. Remember, deer are to be drug out to entrance at creek to gut, do not gut out in the property!
-I just really hope you consider not shooting the 1st small 8 pointer you see. Now, I don't mind one bit if you shoot a small 8 pointer because chances are it wasn't going to get much bigger or chances could be it's genetics are not as desirable in my herd.
-Remind me to show you where I want it gutted and cleaned. There is a nice creek you can pull your quad or truck up to at the entrance of the property to take care of those tasks and to wash your hands and/or the deer. 
-The cabin is "primitive". No bathroom. No running water. It's a CLEAN place to camp and stay warm (leave it the way you found it). You'll have gas heat, gas stove, and gas lights.  There is a outhouse and no running water.  Cabin has bunkbeds, pullout couch, chairs, table...basic stuff like that. Paying bowhunters might use the cabin, but gun hunters will for sure.
-If you don't want to stay in the cabin because you want to shower every day, there is a decent place for $55 per night 20 minutes away in Elizabethtown, KY. 
-Restaurants/small town 10 minutes away, the other direction 18 minutes away is a bit bigger town w/ a steakhouse and standard breakfast places.

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