Kentucky Hunting Guide Pro’s vs. Cons

hunting guide

There is  no negative to having Kentucky deer hunting guide to help you be in the best possible place to shoot a whitetail.  Well, to solve 99 out of 100 problems the solution is almost always money; so that is the only drawback.  There is a philosophical difference that you’ll need to decide what works best for your Kentucky whitetail hunt

 The following are degrees of a do-it-yourself hunt to consider.  Meaning, you can’t actually do everything in the hunt.  You prefer to pull the trigger, but even Jerry Jones (owner of Dallas Cowboys) plays “Fantasy Football”.  He’s not really playing, but he certainly takes the credit for winning.  Here is how all that applies to Kentucky whitetail hunting:

 -Not everyone can own the amount of land needed to go out on a Kentucky deer hunt

-Do you own your own tractor and can you plant food plots

-Are you deciding where to plant the food plots

-Are you deciding where to hang tree stands

-Did you spray herbicide to make sure the deer prefer your food plot over the neighbors

-Do you make sure to prosecute trespassers and to deter people from coming on the land to alleviate pressure for the deer

-Did you decide what food plots to plant

-Do you decide what food plots to hunt over

-Do you decide what time of the Kentucky deer season to hunt

-Did you fill the auto-feeders with corn every few weeks

-Did you make the decision to pass up a small 8 pointer in hopes for a larger mature buck

-Did you drive yourself out the hunting blind

-Did you load your gun

-Did you buy your gun

-Did you pull the trigger

What considerations to you factor in what determining if you really hunted and killed your own deer?  It’s all an opinion and nobody’s but your opinion matters.  I offer the do-it-yourself hunt.  I provide the research, stands, annual food for the deer, low pressure for the deer aka just a well year-round managed Kentucky deer hunting area, you finish it off with your expertise and skills to harvest that buck.