How many dream of finding a year-round Kentucky hunting land lease from a couple in their 60’s that don’t really use the land anymore?  My grandparents leased their 80 acres to some guys from Louisville Kentucky for $500 per year.  If you’re lucky enough to find someone willing to take $1,500 to use their land for random turkey hunts and deer season, then you’re way ahead of the game!  My first thought is to tell young hunters this is something they can do with their time, but once they find this willing person, coming up with $1,500 for a hunting lease in Kentucky is not really feasible.  My advice might be to located that situation, then use your internet skills to locate someone looking for a Kentucky hunting lease.  That’s how you could get your $1,500 in some type of partnership.  Let’s face it, the “value” is in finding the deer hunting lease, to most, the money is the easy part. 

In today’s world of lawyers, some people are a little cautious about letting you hunt their property for such little amount of money.  I think I have to pay nearly $1,500 per year just to make sure I have liability insurance.  Kentucky hunting outfitters is a relative new industry to the area.  It’s new enough where they haven’t made 100’s of laws and taxes governing it yet, but they will.  It usually starts off with a big outfitter trying to squash the little guys.  These are the people who go around leasing land from all kinds of farmers and selling $100,000+ worth of deer hunts a year.  Well these people can afford the $2,000 “outfitter licenses” some states require.  For a lot of people, they don’t make any money at all!  Ever heard of the drug dealer who just deals to support his habit?  It’s sort of like that.  Deer hunting in Kentucky is still affordable.  There are some outfitters with fenced in deer that charge over $10,000 depending on how the deer scores, but you can still find the smaller one-farm owners that will let you lease land for hunts less than a thousand bucks. 

Ideally, keep searching for the just-right relationship with someone that will let you put in some food plots and spend some time hunting.  Interest alone on most hunting properties like mine exceed $10,000 per year, so if you can even offer a land owner $5,000, you’re coming out way ahead of the game, especially if it’s a long-term relationship with the land owner.

Kentucky hunting lease

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