I’m not sure even how to spell “Pita”, the pro-rights animal group, but I’m on their side!  It has been trending for politicians to pit pro-gun rights and pro-hunters against animal rights and animal welfare.  I think Pita’s membership and society in general would be shocked of the amount of respect we as Kentucky turkey hunters give animals.  I can only speak on behalf of my narrow point of view and limited brain power. 

Our culture gauges this concept on how large the animals are.  It boggles my mind that people don’t realize humans tend to value life they can see and feel guilty for.  I associate this with humans’ ability to see emotion or the faces of the larger animals.  Because “we” don’t see an aunt or a fly in pain or suffer, then it’s ok to kill these life-forms.  It’s really absurd for people to attack those who deer hunt or hunt anything if they are willing to stop outside even once during the day!  When these people take even a few steps out in their lawn, how many insects/life-forms do you think they are killing?  When you have a animal-rights people driving their Volkswagon van down the road, due to the poor aerodynamics, how many insects and bugs do you think they are splattering on the grill of the vehicle or windshield?  How many life-forms are they running over with their rubber tires?  The average self-proclaimed outdoorsman kills less than one turkey per year.  It’s probably closer to 1/5th of a turkey per year.  The amount of “kills” an average American makes per year is in the millions.  Why is it ok to kill a mouse or something that looks ugly to humans, but not ok to kill a whale or go on a Kentucky turkey hunt?  If you bring up extinction, I then wonder why is it ok to kill some humans just because you feel the earth is too populated elsewhere with other humans.  Killing of any sort is in theory wrong!  Whether it’s an aunt, a turkey, a bald Eagle or a human.  So why do I hunt if it’s “wrong”?  Why do I walk outside if I’m killing creatures?  Why do I drive my car and kill 100’s every trip?  I’m accepting with the reality we live in because of Forest Gump’s revelation and understanding of the universe – S*** Happens.

Hunting Rights vs. Animal Welfare