Hunting Season Options

All things being equal, of course you’d choose the pre-rut and rut Kentucky deer hunt. Of course most of us are not multi-millionaires, so considerations such as cost, time off work and location of the Kentucky deer hunt you choose comes into consideration.  If there are no limits to hunting deer in Kentucky, then you would factor in moon phases, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, precipitation forecast, etc. 

Gun hunting in Kentucky almost guarantees you a trophy buck.  That Kentucky deer season usually fall for 10 days in mid November.  For those wanting to do Kentucky bow hunting, you have a much longer season that goes on into December.   So for your Kentucky deer hunt with a Kentucky outfitter you need to first selective a timeframe.  This is a big consideration prior to paying for that Kentucky deer hunting lease.

Kentucky deer hunting forums can offer a lot of good advice, but people on there can just have all the “ideal” and perfect answers.  Your life is not ideal.  Talk to a lot of people and make an informed decision on your Kentucky deer hunt with an outfitter.  When time is limited and money is limited, believe it or not, a Kentucky outfitter is probably the way to go.  I spend over $25,000 per year on my Kentucky deer hunting land.  That is not counting maintenance on tractors, bulldozers, bobcats, buying equipment and all my time.  Quality deer management isn’t cheap and you have to look at it as a passion and a hobby.

Kentucky deer outfitters provide the best possible hunting situations during all the hunting times of the year.  Using a Kentucky deer hunting guide is probably the most affordable to get your trophy buck.  Now, if you just wanting to enjoy the outdoors and “hunt”, then ask your friends or family.   If your goal is to do some Kentucky deer hunting that the end result would be a wall-monster buck, then those are two entirely different objectives..  Kentucky hunting forums and Kentucky outfitters all will off you some great advice when making your decision to go deer hunting.

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