KY Turkey Hunting

Kentucky turkey season
Turkey season ky

Whether you’re looking for an excellent Kentucky turkey hunting experience or want to go for the ky whitetail deer hunt, I can offer you some things to consider prior to booking a hunt with an outfitter.  My first thought is to tell you to consider your budget first.  It’s all relative no matter what anyone tells you.  There are only so many gobblers someone can harvest and only so many days you can hunt whitetail deer.  With that said, hunting outfitters who have 10 leased farms or own 1,000 acres have expenses to pay for.  Only so many outdoors people be on a given track of 150 acres of land without scaring away all the wildlife.  So any hunting guide service will have to factor in how many animals are taken off of X amount of acres or else they will run themselves right out of business.  If I were you, I’d somehow find out how long specific property has been leased from farmers.  If a property is set to expire or it’s a short term lease, there is no benefit for that outfitter not to overbook or blast as many bucks in site.  The number of bucks taken can be manipulated by putter in younger hunters or hunters that don’t really care how big the deer are.

Ugh! It gives me a headache trying to explain how costs of KY hunting guides are all relative and so are hunting outfitters.  Anyone claiming to be a hunting guide is probably really good at what they do because anyone who is willing to pay $1,000’s of dollars for a hunting trip, is probably an avid outdoorsman and pretty smart as well.  You’d sniff out an imposter and it would be embarrassing for all involved.  For the most part, these hunting guides know the area and are quite competent. 

The bigger and nicer the lodging is, that is where some of your money is going.  The more meals they offer, that again is going towards the costs of the hunt.  Again, there are only so many trophy whitetail deer you can take off every 150 acres unless they have high-fencing.  If an outfitter has 3,000 acres, don’t you think they are going to have more hunter than one that has only a well-managed 200 acre ranch?  It’s all relative.  I would say all and all, using a hunting guide will be the cheapest aspect of your entire trip.  A lot of those guys work for hunting rights and aren’t the people footing the $500,000 mortgage payment per property being hunted.