When trying to find the best priced Kentucky deer hunt, you need to know the differences of the types of hunts being offered by “outfitters”.  To start off, “Kentucky outfitters” are not chefs nor are they taxi drivers.  A lot of them offer great services, but just because you cook and clean, that is not the definition of an “outfitter”.  There are full-service outfitters who even field dress your Kentucky trophy deer to people who call themselves “Kentucky Hunting Outfitters” who simply lease 200 acres from a 70 year old lady and tell you to go hunt it.

Do-it-Yourself Hunting Levels:

Level 1)  This is where somebody has bought the rights to hunt some land from the elderly.  They will tell you when you can bait, hunt and scout the land on a limited basis.

Level 2)  “Kentucky deer hunting outfitters” will arrange for you to hunt some land that probably isn’t theirs.  They will throw out some  corn in piles on the property and  place some trail cameras on it to show you.

Level 3)  The outfitters will spend a time managing the property you will be hunting.  They will likely have food plots and stand hung around the property as well.  It’s monitored and managed like it’s their land (and it could be). 

Level 4)  Let’s skip level 4 because a “Level 5” just sounds so much better

Level 5)  This is the full-service do-it-yourself Kentucky whitetail hunting.  The outfitter has all the food plots managed year round, camera research with Kentucky deer kill photos, auto-feeders spitting out corn, log licks, stagnant water ponds, trails throughout the property for easy access, deer blinds, tree stands everywhere, etc.  They will have a cabin for you to use that is prepped with the basics.

Basically a “Level 5” do-it-yourself hunt is the exact same as a full service guided hunt, without the guide.  You’d be given maps, research information, etc., but you’d have to make your own food, walk by yourself to the stand, etc.  One of the bigger factors also is that you’d be trusted not to violate the rules.  Let’s face it, one of the biggest advantages of cooking your clients food being around the woods is to count arrows and make sure you don’t shoot a deer you’re not supposed to.  For this reason, I feel fully-guided Kentucky outfitters are among the most trusted!  I don’t offer “fully-guided” myself, but if I was a gambler, I’d put my money with them.  I offer “Level 5” Do-it-Yourself” hunts.

What is a Do-it-Youself Hunt?

DIY deer hunting