Finally you’re ready to find a different Kentucky deer hunting lease.  You know it’s not super cheap, but you also know the different Kentucky deer hunting guides have a wide array of pricing options.  So what do you look for  when spending your hard earned money?  Consider a few basic things:

Does the property look like it will hold deer
What has the Kentucky outfitter done to draw deer during hunting season

First, I don’t care who you are, getting the most bang for your buck is important. My Kentucky deer hunts are non-guided.  You don’t need me to walk you to a stand and also being nearby watching and listening to make sure you didn’t shoot something you shouldn’t have.  That is where a lot of money is accounted for.  If Kentucky outfitters could trust hunters to do the right thing and follow the rules, we wouldn’t need to be out there with you.  I’ve made the decision to trust my hunters.  You have guidelines to follow during your Kentucky deer hunt, but I can’t stop all crime and I can’t worry about dishonest people; I hate even locking my car door because of these damn terrorist people (criminals)!  

Does it look the Kentucky deer hunting lease will hold deer?  Take a tour of the property.  I will gladly show you the property upon request.  Hop in my Ranger and we will take a cruise or bring your own four-wheeler.  I nearly insist that you come out because I don’t want to say anything you believe to be untrue.

Lastly, has the Kentucky outfitter produced food plots designed to attract deer?  I’m not talking a field of corn or a field of XYZ, I’m talking about food plots placed throughout the property that will aid a Kentucky deer hunt to be successful.  You need long and narrow plots,  a destination food plot and an overall good selection of foods to choose from.  A Kentucky deer hunting guide service should offer you all of this.  Also, if a Kentucky outfitter has 2,000 acres of land that requires $4,000 per hunter fee, are you really going to be hunting all 2,000 acres during the 5 day Kentucky deer hunt?  You’ll probably end up hunting a total of 8 acres if that.  Prior to booking your next Kentucky deer hunting lease and spending big money on a Kentucky deer hunting guide, consider your budget and how to get the biggest bang for your buck.

If money isn't an issue, I personally would would prefer someone to gut my deer, cook me food, etc., (but we don't do that).

Kentucky Hunting Leases 

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