Kentucky turkey hunts
Kentucky turkey hunting
Kentucky turkey hunting
Kentucky turkey hunting

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turkey hunting

Turkey Hunting in Kentucky

turkey hunting in Kentucky


3 Day Turkey Hunt - $500 per hunter

+ NO extra charge for 2nd bird.

Flexible Arrival/Departure

5 Day Turkey Hunt - $800 per hunter

included 2 bird package.

Flexible Arrival/Departure

Free cabin use. Small and cozy.  Gas heat, gas light, gas stove, solar powered TV/DVD player.  Bunk beds and a pullout couch.  Has a outhouse and it located about 500 yards off the road for that "deep woods" feel.

More Cabin information here 

Upon booking, you'll be send maps of trails of property and all the clover and alfalfa food plots for the turkey.  There are 4 corn auto-feeders on the property you must not hunt over because that would be too easy (and it's against the law).

I will show you on the map several locations where the turkeys roost every night up in tall red pines in a few sections of the property.  There isn't a Kentucky turkey hunt that goes by that I don't see birds.  Most of the time I decide to wave my hand or something to get them to leave the area so they don't eat all of my corn that was just spit on from the auto-feeders.  Kentucky turkey season does not permit you to hunt turkey over any feed piles. I only spin so much corn out twice a day and I prefer my deer to have a shot at feeding as well.  

With all the food plots, turkey hunting is a great time to get out with the wife, kids or friends to enjoy the outdoors.

Use the cabin for the full outdoor experience; get a hot fire going and just kick back.  The cabin has a bunk bed and a pullout coach.  Solar power runs a tv/dvd player and there is gas lights, gas heat and a gas stove.   The outhouse is about 30 yards away, so you know you're experiencing the true outdoors.  The cabin is off the road about 500 yards, so it's very secluded.