Hunting Kentucky Deer in Alfalfa

Kentucky bow hunting over alfalfa

How many people have hunted over an alfalfa field?  I never hear of people, during a Kentucky deer hunt, say they were watching over an alfalfa field.  I think most Kentucky outfitters decide to go with more traditional kill plots such as rape, brassicas, peas or oats.  Alfalfa is considered to be the “King” of food plots, but that might considering it’s perennial traits.  Alfalfa will last a good 4+ years, but it will last longer if you slow start frost seeding clover in the stand.  I do that to make my Kentucky deer hunting grounds look more attractive to me.  Let’s face it, I manage land and like to see it looking pretty!  If I were paying for a Kentucky deer hunt, I don’t guess I’d care what the property manager had planted if he could provide photos of big bucks on the property.  That is one aspect of my land management I haven’t really focused on, which his to make sure I have a lot of cameras out.  That practice is more for human consumption (profit), as compared to land management beneficial for a Kentucky deer hunt. 

 I personally would have no problem hunting Kentucky deer over an alfalfa plot.  I know the deer loved it and I have watched my deer herd nearly double in size in the past 8 years.  When I say double in size, I mean the does that frequent my place and use my land as sort of a home range.  Kentucky hunting guides do consider the types of food plots they have their hunters sit on, but professional hunting guides are more interested in scouting reports and what is actually seen on the ground.  Speculation and planning of food plots is more like the “General Managers” role.  Then comes the head coach (professional guide).  He is going to tell you where you need to be to out-play the opponent.  Do I need to call the Kentucky deer hunter the actual player on the field? 

People talk about the alfalfa weevil and how hard it is to raise alfalfa for a Kentucky deer hunting food plot; I hope they continue that talk.  It’s a great resource and I don’t find  it all that hard to manage.  Let’s face it, just like lobster vs. hot dogs, if Alfalfa was every where and big piles of steamy poop were scarce, the deer would get sick of the alfalfa and crave the steam diaper fires!