Any of you considering to create a food plot to for your next Kentucky trophy deer hunt will have ready plenty articles about cultipackers.  Everyone says you need one and they are a much to insure seed to soil contact.  I’m telling you now, unless you own a nice tiller, there is not since in every buying a cultipacker!  The soil has to be like garden soil soft for it do be able to have contact with the soil.  The food plot needs to be perfect flat, free of clumps of grass and chunks of dirt.  Chances are you were lucky enough to score a very old set of drag discs or even a 3 point disc to do your foot plotting for your Kentucky deer hunting experience.  There is no way you can use a cultipacker to assist you in burying the seed that sought after ¼ inch to 1 inch deep.  It’s just not going to happen.  I would see just prior to a guaranteed rainstorm before I’d every consider a cultipacker.  The rainstorm is going to be about 900% more effective!  I would have said 1,000%, but I didn’t want you to think I really mean 100%. 

Now most Kentucky deer hunting guides have tillers and they use cultipackers.  I love mine and it really helps break down the clots of dirt after discing.  I don’t recall ever reading them telling you to just riding around smoothing out the clumps of dirt with a cultipacker.  A couple of logs chained together does a better job in most “beginner” like situations.  When you’ve hunted for nearly 20 years, but are new to deer management, you don’t need all the fancy tools.  If you don’t use them correctly, and you won’t, it will be a waste of time.  You know, as I preach to you about the property ways of managing for your Kentucky deer hunts for sale, the real fun of this entire adventure is really doing your own research and making mistakes!  I’ve read so many Kentucky deer hunting outfitter articles and ignored their advice it’s funny.  Of course the more you learn from your mistakes, you realize the people knew what they were talking about.  It’s as if you needed someone to slap you in the face and say, “Now really pay attention to this detail.”  A cultipacker is a cheap tool, but really only needed if you have a tiller.

Cultipacker for food plots

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