Guided Deer Hunts

Kentucky hunting guide

So what constitutes a guided deer hunt?  It’s important for those interested in booking their first hunt with a Kentucky outfitter to learn about the small nuances and variables for you to be a better informed buyer of a paid hunting trip.  I have yet to find a whitetail hunting guide that sits with you during the entire adventure.  It’s pretty standards for the professional Kentucky guides to drive you out to your specific deer stand and pick you up upon your request.  The work has been done the 11 months prior to your arrival.  The hunting guides simply offer where they’ve been seeing deer and the best possible hunting spots for either the current days weather condition, wind direction and/or timing of your hunt. 

The Kentucky deer hunts for sale that I offer have the 11 months worth of quality deer management in place.  I’ve spent the money to make my whitetail habitat as attractive as anyone could make it.  I’ve bought the bulldozers, the backhoes, the tractors, the equipment, the sprayers, all implements, etc.  Most of all, the biggest asset to my property are the people who manage it.  When I’m not writing checks, I’ll be the first one to pick up rocks out of a food plot or cut up a tree that has fallen down in a trail.  These are things we do for enjoyment.  If I see a utilization cage that has been beat up too much by the deer, I gladly go stake up another one.  The use of game cameras to get those trail photos are what people want when looking for paid Kentucky deer hunts, so I’m going to be focusing my efforts on that a little more in the years to come.

Our Kentucky guided deer hunts  at come from a detailed map on how to access each of the stands, each of the food plots and all the trails.  The location of auto-feeders are revealed as well and stagnant wonder ponds and mineral sites.  I can’t offer any more advice than what I can put on paper.  Of course there are wind considerations and certain bedding areas to be mindful of, but I put a little extra faith in my hunters.  A hands-on guide is probably ideal, especially when you’re looking for someone to field dress your buck and help you load it, etc.