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What is the difference between a Kentucky Hunting Outfitter and quality land management by a few guys?

I’m going to look up the definition in a minute, but I’m starting to think it’s a formal service term.  Big government could require the “small-timer” who has to work a normal job who didn’t inherit his land to purchase a $2,000 Kentucky Outfitter license.  That is probably the main difference.  Maybe there are some tax benefits to the Kentucky hunting outfitters who actually live at their lodge.  A lot of the space could be written off because it is in fact used for business.

My Kentucky deer hunting property I guarantee looks better and is more manicured for quality deer management than most because I do it as a passion, and if I make money, it's a by-product.  For nearly 10 years I’ve been working this property to produce the best Kentucky deer hunt for me and my friends possible.  I purchased a bulldozer and carved out 13+ food plots and trails.  This whitetail deer hunting property has been designed as if God himself wanted to hunt this land.  I bought a backhoe to dig out some stagnant water ponds and to put in a vineyard.   The only way in and out of the property is across a creek and a narrow bridge.  There is no poaching on the property or else that person would have to be rather committed to not getting away.

Now, the typical Kentucky Deer Outfitter probably has done the same things I have.  They definitely will have nicer and larger cabins.  I don’t have electricity in one of my cabins because I wanted an off-the-grid retreat “just in case”.  I don’t offer to drive you to your stand every morning and night.  I don’t cook meals for you nor do I have a pool table. 

 I do have a large $25,000 entry that rivals subdivisions, but I built that with my own two hands.  The main difference is the creature comforts.  It all depends on the type of experience you want to pay for.  I love so many hobbies, I probably chose the wrong career in education to be able to fund my habits. When you lease my property, I provide a map of all the trails and how to access each deer food plot.  I’ll also give you foot plot descriptions so you can plan your hunt and decide what you’d like to hunt over. 

When deciding to purchase a Kentucky deer hunt, look at the price, the amenities and make your decision.  

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Kentucky Outfitter vs. Quality Land Management