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If you've gone this far through my Kentucky deer hunting outfitter website, just stop here, go up above and send me a question.  It would be nice for you to come and visit my deer ranch and see for yourself what type of hunting ground we can offer.  Deer hunting in Kentucky not only is competing with the "big boys" of Illinois, but we have surpassed that state in total number of Boon and Crocket trophy bucks taken since 2015.  More farmers are starting to manage their land under quality deer management practices and not longer offering Kentucky hunting leases for $1,000 for the entire year to city folks.  Country folks have realized how valuable their land is and have adjusted accordingly.  My grandparents offered a year-round hunting lease to people from Louisville for $500 per year even in the 90's through the early of the turn of the century.  Inherited land is being sold off to the more high-end purchasers and "local" hunting property is becoming harder to find.  Kentucky trophy deer are getting bigger and hunting outfitters are doing a better job producing bruisers.

We do have several tower blind and at least 3 double tree stands should you have any interest in video taping hunts with friends.  You will see plenty of deer and hopefully you'll be putting a big deer in your sites that you'll be mounting on your wall.  The cabin is free to use if you'd like and is tucked away away in a private setting.  It's not a luxurious retreat or getaway, it's a simple mans deer camp.  Sure, you can watch movies all night and charge cell phones, but there is no running water.  Enjoy the "primitive ways" the way it used to be and use the outhouse. 

​​​Using Kentucky hunting outfitters requires research.  Visit the property before you book your Ky deer hunt!