Our deer hunting ranch is about hunting and a connection with the outdoors.  The guest cabin can be free of charge with all paid hunts.  Click here for details about the cabin.  Upon booking, you will be mailed maps of all trails and how to get to each of the 12-14 food plots and the locations of the stands, tower blinds and ground blinds.  If you want to pay for a guide, I can get you one, but we don't hunt 17 farms and book 7 groups at a time.  There is a difference between quality of the land you hunt and the massive outfitters who lease many farms.    With the maps and food plot locations, you have 12 months worth of knowledge and work in your hands and at your disposal.  To be clear, the full-time outfitters offer amazing services!  It's just not what I offer.  I manicure my land and let you hunt it.  

If you're looking for someone to prepare meals for you, I have outfitter friends if that's the type of guided deer hunt you're looking for.  This property is manicured year-round for world-class Kentucky whitetail hunting and I leave it alone during hunting season.  It's all yours to enjoy with just your private party.  You can bring 4 hunters and cover the ground.  I'll take your money if you want to bring 6, but it all depends on your point of view.  Is the land better if you were by yourself?  Is the world better if you were by yourself?  You see what I am getting at.  Company is more important.

It's a big investment deciding on what Kentucky whitetail outfitter to choose.  There are a lot out there and a usual method is to preview trail cam photos.  Now, you're only 1 bow hunter, so if you're being shown 100 photos from 10 different properties, do you really think you have a chance of seeing trophy whitetail bucks from 8 farms away?  Anyway, deer hunting in Kentucky has been a hidden secret for many years.

​If you are the type who wants to hold Kentucky outfitters accountable after they promise you the world, make sure you create a lot of texting and emailing dialogue.  We are more than willing to put everything we say in writing, so do not try and go to court with "he said she said" claims.  Get it in writing!  That is what I would do.

***  Don't read past here.  Search engines require a bit more detail so I'm just going to ramble from here on out.   You will have a great experience with your close friends or family members.  During gun season, I do my best to provide you with photos of bigger deer out there to try and prevent you or your group from shooters smaller deer just because they count 8 points.  During gun season, it's a busy time with the deer coming in and out, so you will certain kill some bucks within your group.  It's an exciting time and I'd like you to call or text if you have any questions at all about this potential Kentucky deer hunting experience.