Kentucky hunting guides range in skill, availability and cost.  I thought I’d talk to you a little bit about the different things to consider when looking for paid turkey hunts in Kentucky or the more sought after guided deer hunts with an outfitter.

For example, I offer all the knowledge of a Kentucky hunting guide and outfitter service, but it usually comes in the form of  a current letter.  Upon receiving your deposit, I’ll mail out maps of all the trails that give you access to every 1 of the 13 food plots on the property.  I’ll show where the auto-feeders are located, mineral sites, stagnant water ponds, other water sources, bedding area, tree stand locations, etc.  Depending on the time of year and what weapon you are using, I’ll give you some suggested routes to take to certain area and where some of the larger bucks have been seen on trail cameras.  Now, I don’t take into consideration wind or weather conditions.  These are things full-time Kentucky hunting guides consider as they are driving or walking you to your stand.  At my place, when you shoot a trophy whitetail, if you prefer not to field dress it yourself and my creek, put your buck on your truck and drive it to the processor.  They’ll gut it for you for $10 and will ship you your meat if you want it processed. Your horns will be cut off on the spot or if you wanted a shoulder mount, they will send you home with what you need to take to the taxidermy.  I make Kentucky deer hunts more affordable by not actually spending my time “working” for the hunter while you’re out hunting.  Make no mistake, if you don’t mind spending a few extra dollars, if it were me, I’d like to have a  local professional on-hand to help out with everything.

Full-time guides will give you a larger % advantage if you simply aren’t experienced enough on how to approach food plots and your stands.  On some food plots, I’ll have several tree stands.  I think it’s a little straight forward, don’t be blowing your scent across the kill plot where you plan on shooting a buck at!  Kentucky whitetail hunting is a challenge and there are no guarantees with fair-chase open range deer.  I know of several places I can guarantee you a 160 to 200+ inch buck, but you’ll need $12,000 in the bank if you shoot a big one.

Kentucky deer hunting guides are an excellent way to improve your chances of the hunt.  For the most part, if the hunting guide is out there with you, they have at least 10 years experience spending a lot of time in the woods and will know your hunting area well.  To start dissecting who are the better guides and attempting to figure that out, good luck!  I can’t tell them a part.  Having a guide is great!  Having information on where to hunt and where they are being seen at is the next best thing.  However, above all, you want to go to a place that manages the Kentucky hunting lease 12 months out of the year.

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