There are all kinds of options when it comes to maintaining your trophy whitetail hunting land.  The usual thing that decides on what people end up purchasing is their budget.  I’ll share with you everything I’ve used and tell you the ins and out of each.  My Kentucky deer hunting outfitter property has some nice hills on it even for an experienced rider like myself.  I have bulldozed into the sides of any of the major hills I needed to navigate, but the deer hunting property isn’t just flat.

Your own 2 feet  - This has been necessary in the past.  Depending on your age, this is how you’ll start off your Kentucky deer hunting outfitter to be adventure. 

Golf Cart  - My brother and I started off with golf carts when we bought our Kentucky deer hunting farms.  Both had the dump-boxes in the back which was essential for all kinds of things.  Ever try to strap down a chainsaw on the rack of a 4-wheeler?  It works for a bit, but within minutes it will be falling off.  Golf carts are nice and quiet rides.  You can take 2 other people on any ride and discuss a Kentucky deer hunt with potential customers you are showing the property too.  The down fall to golf carts is that they lack power.  We had jacked-up golf carts with aggressive tires which helped for most everything, but I have hills I’ve cut with a bulldozer that the golf-cart would have no chance of climbing.  In fact, going down several of the hills would cause an average driver/rider to wreck the golf-cart.   I’d say these fall in the $2,500 to $5,000 range in general.

4-Wheeler – I’ll never knock a 4-wheeler.  I bought 2 Honda 250’s for less than what my brother paid for 1 big 4-wheeler.  For everything I needed to do, a 2 wheel-drive 250 suited me just fine.  Did I get stuck in the mud and call for his help almost every year, sure, but that was because I was screwing around.  I strapped my herbicide tank on the quad and it did everything I needed it to do.  I’d pull around a harrow to cover up seed and just use them for all sort of tasks.  They were fun and are a must have on any Kentucky deer hunting outfitter setup.

 Side-by-side – This is the most versatile addition to you’re your deer hunting paradise.  It comes with a cost of course, so if you didn’t inherit your land, you can build your way up like I have done.  They never get stuck, they can be used to spray and fertilize fields.  And one of the nice things I’ve been using it for it to pull around my cultipacker.  I can take customers around the property so they can internalize that their Kentucky deer hunt might look like.  

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