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Trail cameras catch much more than photos of deer!

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As you browse the trail cam photos, know we went many years not bothering to save trail cam photos.  These photos represent the last several years. We've realized that what sells deer hunts are pictures of the trophy deer in the natural habitat.  Coming and touring the hunting grounds will probably convince you to spend at least one archery season or gun season with us, but proof is in the pudding.  Potential hunters need to see horns, but we're going to work on showing you them the next few years to come.

Most of the seed in our food plots is provided by:

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kentucky trophy deer
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When you're viewing our trail cam photos, be sure to take into consideration how much land you feel you personally can hunt during a 3 or 5 day trip.  The point I'm getting at is that photos can be deceiving!  How many acres do you think you are actually hunting or can see?  Usually less than a few.  Now consider how many deer, in a 5 hour period, will randomly come roam within your shooting range?   I can collect photos from 10 farms, but the reality is you're only going to hunt one of them.  

These Kentucky deer hunting guides manage many farms and will put you on the deer of your choice.  The deer cam photos they have, they track deer patterns and can put you in the best possible location to harvest a specific Kentucky whitetail buck.  Put another way, book a hunt with us if you like the bucks we have, if you're not interested, check out the other Kentucky deer hunting outfitters.  Essentially you're doing your "scouting" online and deciding what deer property to hunt.  Whether I have access to 20 farms or just 1, you're only going to hunt a small portion of any specific hunting grounds.  And yes, I still have free ammo for you to use during your whitetail hunting trip.