When you come out to our deer ranch, you’ll already have in had a description of each the 13+ food plots.  What I want to tell you about is the overall description of the Kentucky deer hunting property. 

To begin with, the big chunk of land is a massive 160+ acre funnel.  At the center of the property, and this “center” or bottom of the natural funnel runs almost all the way through the property.  And at the “bottom” of the funnel is where about 50% of my food plots are located.  It’s good bottom ground with naturally occurring run off of nutrients creating good foot plotting soil.  When offering Ky deer hunts, it’s important that your food plots test off the charts after a soil analysis.  This can mean attracting a lot more deer for your whitetail killers.

Next, the entire property is 100% “deer habitat”.  Those experienced in looking for a great Kentucky whitetail outfitter realize that hunting over chunks of 40 acre open farmland field isn’t really the best place to ambush mature whitetail bucks.  Deer habitat means wooded, some thick pines, thickets, a water source, food and bedding areas, escape routes, low pressure environment, etc.  Due to Kentucky lack of development potential due to the hilly nature of the area, this is creating a world class environment for those to hunt Kentucky whitetail deer.

The property is around 95% wooded, with all the open areas being small ¼ acre food plots up to 3 acre food plots in size.  Any and all food I plant goes right to the wildlife, not a combine.  We spent lots of time and money making sure the soil is built to optimum conditions to grow the best and most attractive luscious food source for the deer.  In addition to the food plots, there are 4 auto feeders on the property strategically located to induce patterns and deer traffic.  Corn is a deer herd’s favorite, but you simply don’t get the tonnage you need in the smaller kill plots in the hunting world.  Mineral sites are really for hunting over, but they are used in late winter to make sure we are maximizing the bucks potential to grow larger antlers.  There is also benefits the does as an excellent mineral source ensures the unborn  are getting all the nutrients they need.

​Kentucky Hunting Property Description

Kentucky Deer Outfitter Ranch

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