Kentucky Deer Poachers

What should you do if you see someone poaching a deer?  I’m trying to decide if I should be writing a politically correct article that will relieve me of all culpable liability or tell you how I think it should be handled.  These people who are ruining it for the Kentucky deer hunting  sport should be dealt with if they are out there shooting horns and think they are accomplishing something.  Why I don’t I just speculate on how the law would handle cattle and horse thieves a few hundred years ago.  Since we as Kentucky deer hunting outfitters spend as much as Wells Fargo did to create banks back then, poaching deer is considerably more offensive if you relate it back to the 1800’s.  Similarly, stealing someone mode of transportation was a severe offense that was dealt with via public hangings.  Back then, we shared more common opinions of what was “right” and what was “wrong” when dealing with criminal deer hunters.  Now, we want to define every action and apply their childhood misfortunes, put all the “1110010101100101010111” details in a computer that will spit out a reason the person committed though crimes.  Last I checked, over 21,000 kids died last night on Earth of starvation.  Seems like we could reallocate those resources we use for rehabilitating these criminals/terrorists and save the lives of innocent kids.  I’m getting off topic; Kentucky deer hunting outfitters needs to stay my focus.

Here is the current day way to deal with poachers if you see somebody poaching.  Aren’t I suppose to tell you to call 911?  Write down a license plate if you can as well as a description of the vehicle and occupants.  Do not try and stop them, ask them questions or even follow them.  Isn’t that what I’m supposed to tell you?  In all reality, they are just poaching a deer.  Stay out of it unless you’re highly experienced in dealing with controversy and can handle any situation.  All those spending good money on Kentucky deer hunts will be thankful if you report the situation to the authorities.  Sure, if you can secretly get some video, that would be great, but chances are it will be dark and you won’t be able to.  These people didn’t kill the deer with a bow they used on last night Kentucky bow hunt.  They used a high powered rifle they used on KENTUCKY DEER HUNTS, so consider then entire situation an armed and dangerous one. 

I personally would be dialing 911 and would follow the people until I ran out of gas and make sure the police found them.  

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