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Best Kentucky food plots

Deer Hunting Food Plot Success

The big question to all deer hunters is, "What do I plant in my food plots?" The simple answer is that it depends on the individual. Many variables come into play such as:

How much land do I have to put into food plots?
What is my budget?
Do I want perennials or annual plants?

Soybeans are not an option despite most commercials promoting them. If you have the equipment and spare 4 acre chunks of land to plant soybeans, then you're not reading this because you are a high-end food plotter with all the toys. Kentucky deer hunting outfitters love soybeans!  My place is designed more for bow hunters with smaller 1/2 acre type of food plots within wooded land.  Hands down, I go with alfalfa. Plant it in the fall and watch it do great in the Spring. Blend in some Cereal Rye to make sure early deer browse doesn't hurt the alfalfa too much. When the alfalfa gets a little thin after a few years, start frost seeding clover to improve the stand.

Keeping it simple, the next thing to include if you have more than one plot available would be a turnip or brassica. This produces a large leafy plant that the deer love to eat during almost all of your Kentucky deer hunting season. It grows quickly, but will die off by mid December and makes a perfect plot for any Kentucky deer hunting lease. Kentucky hunting guides use this combination as a backbone of their operation and both plots.