Kentucky Deer Hunting Complaints 

A business is STUPID if they don't humble themselves to listen and make an effort to improve.  Just because people sell deer hunts does not mean they know any more than a 25-year-old who has spent 10 years in the woods.

Complaints I Have Heard:

  • We didn't know guides were not included.  Response:  "We do not walk people to stands or cook food.  Hopefully that can be seen in the pricing differences and can be found many times on this website. 
  • The cabin did not have things to cook with.  Response:  They were probably right.  I try to make sure there is enough gas for the cookstove and grill.  There is always plastic wear, paper plates, paper towels, some basic dishes with a few pots and pans, but I easily over look silverware or specialized tongs and stuff like that.
  • Food plots were more like dirt.  Response:  This complaint has came from a hunter wanting to beat all the October/November hunters in early September.  How do you softly explain that at some point, food plots have to be planted every year?  Hunting the Kentucky Bow hunting season opener in September might have not have perfect food plots - food could be little sprouts during this time.  At some point, you have to plant your kill plots.  This happens in August and September.  When you farm, you also rely upon rain. Spring and Fall are when things are planted.  In early September, the entire property has millions of pieces of food called "browse."  Food plots work best later in the season - everyone knows this.  Auto-corn feeders are wise to locate and hunt near as well. 



  • Food plots had a lot of rocks in them.  Response:  Look at my food plot pictures.  That is all the proof I can offer.  I am thinking this guy that wrote a Google Review saw 1,000's of half-eaten turnips that he thought were rocks.  I do have 2 or 3 plots of the 12-14 that have all kinds of rock that my tractor rake has a hard time filtering out.  I throw baseball size rocks out all of the time.  If plantings go well, nobody should see many rocks; however, sometimes plantings fail.  Since they do fail, usually damn turkeys and crows can devour my corn plantings, I try to plant in strips so there is always something.  In my world, not only do the deer have to like the food, humans have to be happy with how it looks as well (it's the truth). 
  • Too many does.  Response:  Pros certainly understand the concept of lower doe to buck ratios.  You want a buck to run across a Walmart parking lot chasing a doe like young guys do at the bar near 1:30 AM.  Does harvests happens outside of peak hunting times and when they cannot be pregant.  One property a mile down the road shoots 15-20 each  year - locals shoot plenty as well.  It is nice to see females in your food plots - it is a good thing while hunting.  Some hunters only want 1 doe left on earth so they can optimize their single hunt; however, I have to think about the future.  
  • Why do you text more than talk on the phone?  Answer:  When I speak, I am willing to put it in writing.  I also teach online, so I am used to it.  It is important to talk on the phone at least once, but I will sign-and-seal in writing anything I say.  It's good to get some facts out of the way and basic questions to see if we are a good fit for your needs.
  • 1 auto-corn feeder (of 5) was not working.   It can happen.  The feeder will still get drained of corn.  I get photos all of the time of deer eating it right off the spinner.  Birds, racoons, squirrels, etc., they all dig in and spill corn everywhere.  I want the feeders spinning around 5 am and 1 pm every day.  It only costs me $60 to replace a lower unit - I keep a spare on my Ranger at all times.  A feeder not working pisses me off just as much as an owner as it would as a hunter.  

My Turn to Complain about Hunters!  LOL (This will be fun)

  • They sometimes leave trash in blinds
  • They sometimes leave scent wicks on the property
  • I'd say my hunters are super professional and respectful, overall, they tend to leave the cabin better than they found it.