Kentucky Whitetail Hunting

Kentucky whitetail hunts

It’s November 6th and my favorite time of the year is near; Kentucky whitetail hunting season.   All my planning and “work” from the previous 10+ months comes into action and I just sit back and watch the animals come to me and my hunters!  I contribute a lot of my management success to a few separate 20 acre chunks of land that have grown up into pines, thickets and scrub.  By not turning this area into food plots or cleaning it up for timber growth value, it’s created a safe heaven deer learn about.  When fair weather outdoorsman get out a few weeks prior to season, they start kicking up bucks that thought they have a easy and safe place to bed down.  And when the Kentucky whitetail hunting gets into full swing during modern gun season, the bucks are really bumped from their locations and they seemingly come and concentrate around my pines and blackberry thickets.  It’s not they stay there like cattle, it’s just they know the area and know that is some of the thickest cover their minds can remember.

As someone who prides himself as a professional Kentucky hunting guide, my success comes from sharing the outdoors with others.  You get to the point where you just enjoy the time of the year and feed off other people’s whitetail stories and Kentucky deer hunting adventures.  Deer hunting in Kentucky has now reached recognition levels that of Iowa and Illinois.  I contribute the whitetail hunting boom to the hillside and rocky bottom terrain that will forever limit urban sprawl and developers from taking over deer habitat.  Also the Kentucky Whitetail Outfitters deserve a lot of the credit for managing their land and limited the harvesting of smaller less mature bucks.  Quality deer and land management is key for our Bluegrass state to continue the excellent hunting  culture we currently boast.