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If you're looking for good interactions from experienced hunters, you need to check out any one of the several Kentucky deer hunting forums.  In these online places for people to ask questions about $800 BOW HUNTS, you can get real-life responses that are just "textbook" examples of how to best prepare for Kentucky deer hunting. or are excellent places to pose your question to experienced Kentucky whitetail outfitters or just general Kentucky bow hunters.  

From the most simple question like, "What is the best Kentucky deer food plots?" or "Where should I go if I want to pay for  Kentucky deer hunt?"  These websites tend to be ran by outdoor enthusiasts who may or may not make a little money on the side from people accidentally clicking on banner ads.  My hunch is that make a few thousand dollars form advertisers and sponsors, all based upon how many page views the forum receives.  My point is this is an information based place to seek information and you won't be bombarded with people trying to sell you on deer  hunting in Kentucky.

Kentucky deer hunting forums will post hunting gear for sale or solicit Kentucky deer hunting leases.  It's a place to talk with like-mind Kentucky outdoorsman to learn more about this sport many of us enjoy as a hobby.  I know  a lot about deer herd management, but I do love talking to people and hearing about their personal experiences.  

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Kentucky Deer Hunting Forum