trophy whitetail deer hunts

Trophy whitetail deer hunts

I limited my trophy whitetail hunting property to 4 hunting bookings a year.  That is it!  This is my 175 acre chunk of land that has been groomed to produce the largest whitetail bucks in the area and attract them at key times during the Kentucky hunting season.  From careful scouting, creating corridors, bedding areas, “sacred” areas, late season food sources, etc., this property has everything in it’s favor over the 1,000’s and 1,000’s of woods acres the mature bucks travel.  I spare no expense because I don’t do this for money.  I do this for love of the sport and as a hobby.  If I wanted to factor in my time and effort on these Kentucky deer hunts, I’d probably have to charge people over $5,000 per hunter.

One thing I like for people to keep in mind prior to them booking a Kentucky whitetail deer hunt at my place is that they really need to bring a 4-wheeler if possible.  Dragging a deer a half-mile can get tiring quick, especially if you’re of age and a little out of shape.  There are trails that my side-by-sides go through and farm equipment, but a lot of the trails would have the random limbs that could hit a nice new shiny truck.  There are some tree stands and tower blinds that are conducive to planning on using a quad to access for an evening hunt.  You can drive with you and a partner about 1,000 yards to park, then continue another 500 yard walk to your separate tree stands.  These are all things for you to figure out and plan.  I provide you with the necessary information to make your hunt feel like you have a Kentucky hunting guide with you.  A lot of outfitters tend to be more hands-on than I am.  I give you what I think any novice to advanced hunter would need and allow you to use some of your own judgment when approaching blinds and what stands to hunt, simply because I won’t be present most of the time.  

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