After you've planned this big bow hunting trip, you are going to forget a few things, but the following list should help minimize what you do end up forgetting.

Getting the land owner's permission or securing your Kentucky outfitter ground

Buy your hunting license

Make sure your gun or bow is sighted in

Inspect tree stands

Get your game cameras

Checking batteries

Learn your hunting restrictions, limits and laws

Get a map

Ammo and arrows

Scent control sprays

Back pack

Scrape drippers and Scent wicks

bow case and gun cases

Spotting scopes or range finders

Hoist for your weapon

Shooting stick

Cleaning kid

Climbing Sticks

Scent free containers and clothing already treated for scent control


Deer Calls

Deer gutting items / knives / garbage bags

Folding saw

Deer Drag

This is just a bare bones basic list to begin your personalized deer hunting trip list.  Any internet search will provide you with a foundation of basic needed to survives in the outdoors during a hunting expedition.  Even if you're just going bow hunter, you may still want to bring a firearm for personal protection.  Or search other Kentucky whitetail outfitter websites.  Within the above list has very few survival type of items.  The list was more geared around helping you succeed in harvesting a Kentucky trophy buck vs. survival or any sort of "prepping" list.

Kentucky Hunting Trip Checklist

Kentucky whitetail hunts