The Kentucky department of Fish and Wildlife has a mixed bag of reviews.  If you’re an outdoorsman who is constantly pushing the rules then they are probably annoyance for you.  In fact, the only reason the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife exist are because of people like this.  Whether you enjoy the Spring Kentucky Turkey hunting or deer season, these people are the ones who regulate and maintain that we have a sporting chance during our hunt.

They have done wonders to ensure the Fall Kentucky turkey season is made available to us.  Every year there are special interests groups that have an agenda to push out the sport of hunting.  There are people that would literally like to see humans hooked up to IV’s and low-jacked into the internet and live their life, just like they do in the movie “The Matrix”.  If I wasn’t introduced to craving the outdoors and enjoying the sport of the Kentucky deer hunt, I don’t want to even speculate what I’d be doing right now.  I am a little jealous if the welfare people who make $20,000 per year doing nothing, while I make $50,000 per year as a school teacher, minus $10,000 in taxes, minus fuel to work, minus the professional clothing I need to work, etc.  Call it $35,000 per year.  So after people pay off their college loans, is it really worth it to even work in this country for a measily $10,000 per year?  You answer that question.  Let’s just say I don’t think turkey and deer are the only ones that should be living in our National forests.

Anyway, turkey and deer season in Kentucky is just something all people can enjoy as a family or with their friends.  I personally spend all growing season planning for the perfect Kentucky Whitetail hunt for those who visit my deer ranch.  The turkeys are abundant and I’m selling Kentucky Turkey hunts as well.  Whether you prefer just guided directions about the all the features of the property, or prefer a professional guide on your hunt, we can meet your needs.  I can recommend great Kentucky outfitters in the area if you’re looking for a nice place to stay with great food and good company.  There are 1st-class outfitters in Kentucky and I know who they are.  I’m more of a “budget” outfitter because you won’t be paying me for those amenities.   I map out a plan for you, provide you a map of all the food plots and where the hunting spots are on the property, and allow you to make your own decisions.  The drawback is that on occasion I’ll have hunters that take advantage of being cut loose on such an expensive piece of hunting ground.  They’ll shoot something they aren’t supposed to and try to get away with it.  I do have a full-time care taker / resident on the deer hunting ground that lives in a nice cabin that keeps an eye out for me.  I’m not into suing people, but you can’t ruin the experience just because of some of the bad apples in this world.

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