Kentucky deer hunting vs. the rest of the county’s deer is what this next essay is going to be about.  I’ve seen some monster Kentucky trophy deer.  I’ve deer hunted Michigan for over 20 years, I’ve been out west to Iowa hunting and of course my “home” Kentucky.  Kentucky has been my home since I was a baby.  A lot of the mentality for those doing Kentucky deer hunts was to just shoot for food.  It may be a stereotype based upon all my relatives, but shooting a large buck was cool, but not a priority at all.  Kentucky outfitters are becoming more prevalent and the leasing of well managed Kentucky farms for deer hunting is becoming a serious business.

More farmers are offering Kentucky deer hunting leases to larger Kentucky outfitters to manage their land and sell deer hunts.  There is a lot of hilly and mountainous area that will never be developed for subdivisions.  This makes for great deer habitat with very little hunting pressure. 

To my grandparents, Kentucky whitetail hunts were treated like a nuisance.  They offered a Kentucky deer hunting lease to a group of guys for a total of $500 per year.  This included turkey season as well.  Kentucky is centrally located for a lot of out-of-state hunters to visit.  It’s affordable and there are many Kentucky outfitters out there offering different types of guide services. 

Overall, Kentucky Outfitters are really doing a good job commercializing the industry.  A Ky deer hunt is almost like an undiscovered gem.  The big Iowa state has been hunted and hunted with prices at a premium.  With generational good ol’ boys taking care of the quality deer management in the area offering experience and excellent Kentucky deer hunting guides, the state is on it’s way leading harvest trophy class whitetail deer.

Kentucky hunting guide

Kentucky Trophy Deer