Kentucky youth hunt

Kentucky Deer Season - Youth Hunt

Kentucky deer season

What a wonderful gift to give to a youth hunter!  Going on a paid Kentucky deer hunt is what most of  us have never experienced.  This is a time to get out in the woods with your young hunter, when it is very safe and to enjoy the outdoors with them.  A Kentucky outfitter will give you the best chance to give your child a wonderful experience seeing bucks.  There will be lots of practice each day, letting them to find a deer (doe) in their scope and practice taking the safety off.  Even adult hunters should do this from time to time.  Sometimes blinds or stands have branches or something that is going to create a disturbance or sound.  Practice makes perfect!

Using a Kentucky deer hunting guide may be of interest to you.  I’d offer that to you, but my time is limited as I teach full-time.  Plus, I really wouldn’t be interested in doing that.   I am not that funny, not that interesting, and certainly am uncomfortable dealing with "money."  Meaning, the entire tipping process is uncomfortable for me.  When I go on hunts, I happily do the 20% tipping thing because I plan on it, but there is no way I could actually work for tips.  Those guys have a tough job .  Anyway, I would probably have to double the price of the hunt if we offered a guide service.  There are other Kentucky outfitters out there with professional Kentucky deer hunting guides that can do that for the same price I’d do it for.  Not only would their lodging be nicer (if done smart, they live their and figure a way to write it all off ), plus it's super nice having someone around to take care of all the "dirty work."  Usually those types of Kentucky outfitters have a few thousand acres to choose from as well, albeit, you could only be hunting about 20 acres, while other Kentucky deer hunters are hunting the same farrm.  I’m really not talking down to the larger tract owners at all!  In fact, the larger tract managers just can offer a great Kentucky deer hunt with a wonderful Kentucky deer hunting guide service.

Kentucky deer hunting youth season is a magical time.  If you’re looking to spend some time at a cabin deep in the woods with your young hunter, please come and see us.  We do not offer high-end amenities as far as a cabin, but you’ll have a warm place to stay, a tv to watch movies on and a campfire outside if you choose.