Large Outfitters vs. Small Outfitters

(15 people vs. 1 person)

15,000 acre hunt vs 150 acre hunting 

ky deer season
Kentucky hunting outfitter

If you had to choose between a Kentucky deer hunt on 15,000 acres, or 150 acres, which one would you take?  One has a cost of $5,000, and the other is only $2,000.  One Kentucky outfitter website shows photos of  20 monster bucks, and the smaller 150-acre website only posts five photos.  Which Kentucky outfitter are you leaning towards?  Let us make it simpler; let us pretend both Kentucky hunting outfitters cost the same amount of money, which is the better deal? I really hope your answer is “depends.”

Now, money and budgets are issues are concerns for everyone.  Make no mistake about it, a person worth a million bucks feels just as poor as a 20-year-old-kid.  They watch every dollar they spend.  Obviously, a bigger place that leases a lot of random farms, or has a lot of acreage, is going to have a nice deer hunting lodge on the property for you to use.  Playing a game of pool, and looking at impressive animals hanging on the walls, is a very fun and a rewarding thing to do, but let us stick to the hunting elements of figuring out the best hunt to do through a Kentucky outfitter.  If the focus is not on hunting and is on other “Disney” like elements, then my point carries no water.  All things being equal, I would go with the BIGGER OUTFITTER every time, but that is me.  I am just not a "bigger guy" who services a lot of people.  I am a teacher with summers off, so I am able to enjoy the farming aspect of good plotting during my time off. 

How many hunters do you think hunt on 15,000 acres?  How many acres do you think you can cover as a hunter while you’re sitting in the woods waiting for that Kentucky trophy whitetail buck to appear?  If you are on the edge of a field, the most land you’re really going to cover is 40+- acres, right? And that is during a Kentucky gun hunt with a modern firearm.  When bow hunting, you are going to cover about a 1/2 acre to an acre.  So, we are essentially talking an effective kill range during your Kentucky trophy deer hunt.  I’m not going to break down the math, but can you see if only one person is deer hunting a manicured 150 acres vs. 30 people hunting 15,000 acres, the two different Kentucky deer hunting outfitters are not that far apart from the perspective of a single individual.

Personally, I think it seems way cooler to hunt larger farms with more people so you can see more deer shot.  It’s all relative though.