BASIC REFUND POLICY (normal non-crazy situations):

Work with me, and I will work with you.  If you cancel outside of 60 days to your hunting date, your deposit will be applied to the same hunt next year.  If you need to cancel 30 days prior to your arrival, give me a heads up.  Your reserved hunt is valuable, and I can likely sell it.  I will give you your money from others who pay me for your hunt.  This land is pure hunting land.  Hunting season is limited, so when the time comes and goes, I still spend the money on the deer feed, seed, fertilizer, etc.  With only a short 2-week gun season, spots are limited, and in demand.

Covid / Aliens / Nuclear War Emergency Related Refunds:

Common sense will be applied, but it will be basically like the above policy.  We are hunting in the woods; we are not having $500 dinners in the big cities, spreading the virus everywhere.  The government allows people by the millions to go in and out of Wal-Mart daily, so hunting food on chunks of land is the most human right I can think of.  Treating people like they are birds in nests with their beaks open waiting for the government to give them food is a slippery slope - somebody has to work in this country!  

Licenses are guaranteed at Wal-Mart year-round, but post virus, I am saying you need to buy your licenses before mid-September before they panic and stop selling licenses.  Officially, I am telling you to buy your license within 48 hours of booking your hunt; it is too risky to wait this year.  If you wait last minute, a virus breaks out, you find out you are a felon or an illegal citizen and you cannot get a license, you will be out of luck/an expense bird watching trip.  Only during the 2020 Covid did they stop selling licenses, but if you already had a license, you of course can hunt legally.

If there is an Alien Invasion / Nuclear War / Terrorist Attack / Virus, etc., no offense, there will be no refunds during any out of the norm scenarios.