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I’m not sure if I’ve ever went Kentucky turkey hunting.  Turkey seem to be so prevalent on my land, I’ve almost looked at them as a nuisance because of how much of the corn they eat from my on-going auto-feeders that spit out corn for the whitetail to eat.  Now, Kentucky hunting guides do not condone or even allow hunters to stalk or hunt turkey on or near auto-feeders.  In fact, I make it a point of turning my auto-feeders off during certain times of the year to be in compliance with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife laws. 

Back to hunting Kentucky turkey hunts.  Every time I watch a turkey head bob down, I know that animal is eating 1 piece of corn.  When I see 15 wild turkey bobbing their head non stop around my corn feeders, it drives me nuts!  I’ll start waiving my hands to scare them off because I hate seeing the turkey beat my deer to the feeders.  It’s been my experience that the turkey patterns out the feeders on the property much better than the deer.

Another good time to hunt turkey is right after I disc up and cultipack a field.  When those turkey realize I’ve planted a nice deer season food plot blend, they go to town scratching and feasting on my seed!  Those gobblers eat so much of my food I provide for the deer, I’m going to consider my Kentucky turkey hunts as part of my whitetail management strategy.  It’s almost like predator hunting.  Except these hawk-eye critters eat their food and seed.  There is a Spring Kentucky turkey season and a Fall Kentucky turkey season.  If you’re interested in booking a hunt and experiencing some outdoor hunting action, we can put you on some good turkey hunting.  Amongst our 13+ food plot primarily composed of clover and alfalfa, we can give you some options to stalk up on where the turkeys are likely scratching.  There are several sections of tall red pines that these gobblers go to roost as well, so you’ll likely be able to figure out a good ambush location on day 1 of your Kentucky turkey hunting trip.  

$500 3 days / 3 nights per hunter - 2 bird limit

Kentucky Turkey Hunts