Kentucky Trophy Deer Food Plots

Kentucky Whitetail Fall Food Plots

Alfalfa, Clover, Oats & Brassica Kill Plots​

Most Kentucky deer hunting outfitters take great pride on their food plots each year.  When I say "most", I mean all whitetail hunting professional do a good job planing food for the deer.  Those of us who have decided to offer deer hunting in Kentucky for sale absolutely love planting seasonal plots for the wildlife.  If I did this for a job or for money, I'm certain I'd bring in probably around 25 cents an hour and still have to pay out the $20,000+ in expenses each year on the property. 

If you factor in how much time "we" spend on just thinking about all the different food plot possibilities, mineral site thoughts, hinge cutting, where to put blinds, etc., there is noway anyone could do this "for a living".  It's a passion that we enjoy sharing with people in the deer hunting community (forums).  When I see people on successful Kentucky gun or bow hunts, it's very rewarding.  Once you've shot enough bucks to hand on your wall, there is nothing but happiness seeing others enjoying the outdoors.

On the above photos of this year's food plots (plot site), I decided to go with a lot of cereal rye this year. Not ryegrass, but cereal rye.  I chose this for my Kentucky whitetail hunting for several reasons.  The obvious is the soil building traits that come along with cereal rye.  Deer enjoy oats, wheat and cereal rye just the same.  Some may claim a preference, but when you offer alfalfa or brassicas a few hundred yards away, those calculations and beliefs can be thrown out the window because those Kentucky whitetail are visiting the area for their "favorite" food.  They aren't coming there to decide on whether or not to eat oats, wheat or rye.  Rape and brassicas are show above as well as some nice bedding areas I've preserved.

Kentucky Food plots for deer
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