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Kentucky hunting lease

Before you consider booking a hunt with a  Kentucky outfitter, please come and visit our hunting ground.  I’m more comfortable when people have spoken to other hunters or people have came out and visited what we have to offer.  From thick cover and habitat for the mature bucks to feel safe, to some hardwoods, thick pines and the 13 opened up food plots areas.  My property offers a sanctuary for the deer herd.  The reason my fertile food plots exists is because I bought a bulldoze a long time ago and cleared exactly where I though the buffets of deer food should be to make the best Kentucky deer hunt.  I then came in with farm-grade liming trucks to get my ground close to it’s soil needs and have kept it up every since. 

The trails throughout the property allow for 1st timers to easily navigate where the food plots are and where the tree stands are located.  It’s easy to get lost in unfamiliar ground, so I bulldozed a trail around the entire exterior of the hunting grounds to make it next to impossible to get lost.

You need to see all the different stand sites and different ways you can hunt.  Whether you want to hunt over a stagnant water pond, a several acre field, ¼ acre food plots, long range shots in hardwoods, etc, this property has it all.  If you’re a Kentucky bow hunter, then you need to see how I’ve carefully made sure most food plots run east to west for better sunlight and where I tried to keep them long and narrow with an irregular shape.  There are a few plots that has a ¼ acre opening buried into thick cover that you couldn’t shoot a deer 30 yards away.  There are thickets for the bunnies and Kentucky trophy deer to lurk and stay low in. 

If you step back a big on Google Earth, you can tell my property is a huge natural funnel about.  I really get stunned every year during hunting season when deer get shot that I’ve never seen before.  As hunting pressure picks up, the property just seems to attract bucks from the surrounding properties.