Kentucky whitetail outfitter

It is tough deciding on where to spend good money to deer hunt.  How do you decide with all of these fancy Kentucky deer hunt websites?  I’m going to give you some thoughts of my own, but in the end, I believe success will come from your personal deer hunting skills. 

If you can, make sure to take a tour of the Kentucky deer hunting grounds.  You can’t really judge how good the random Kentucky deer hunting guide service is, but you can take a look at the property to see how much care and time has been taken to create the perfect hunting environment.  Most Kentucky outfitters strive for repeat business.  Any “negative” word of mouth advertising would simply come from those who didn’t shoot deer.  And any positive word of mouth advertising came from a successful Kentucky deer hunt.  I have to say some of my proudest moments from all the work I do come from hunters who say what a great place I have even though they didn't shoot a buck.

My final suggestion in choosing a Kentucky outfitter would probably be to go into the hunt as if you’re gambling and not “buying” a Kentucky trophy buck.  There are places you can go to “buy” a buck, but if you want a fair chase hunt, choose  a Kentucky hunting lease that is offering you the basics, food plots, auto-feeders, mineral sites, water sources, then go for it!  I’ll be in Africa this summer and there will be no “pride” or skill about the hunts I’m going on.  It’s a pull out your checkbook type of thing and shoot what you want.  That is not what Kentucky deer hunting is about.  I can refer you to some wonderful Kentucky deer outfitters to go and hunt 250 inch deer if you're looking to hang one up on your cathedral wall.  It would be a great talking piece, but if you plan to do more whitetail fair-chase deer hunting, those animals might dwarf everything else you might get the rest of your life.  There is no "right or wrong" choices. Enjoying the Bluegrass outdoors is what it's about.  

Kentucky outfitter

Kentucky Outfitter