Interested in going on a turkey hunt with friends or family?  When you lease our ground for hunting, only you and your party will be out doing your Kentucky turkey hunt.  Kentucky leases vary from place to place, so be sure you book the hunt that suits your needs.  I say we have 1st class hunting not 1st class ammenities.  The cabin is very basic and primitive.  You won't be in a hot tub, shooting pool or served great dinners after your day of hunt.  If you weren't like me and chose a career other than education that could make a few extra bucks, then why not spoil  yourself!

We have a great Kentucky turkey habitat!  Most of the hunting property is wooded except for the 13+- food plots.  There is a lot of thickets and cover as well as good hardwoods for them to scratch away.  If you decide to take a tour of the property prior to booking, it will be easy to see where the turkey have been whether it be scratching through the leaves or their footprints in the food plots.  The gobblers have a few roosting areas they visit on my property.  I have a few clusters of 10 to 20 trees of mature tall pines 40+ feet.  The turkey visit these places regularly, even more so, they visit the well manicured food plots. 

Most of my food plots are in clover and alfalfa and I'd say they visit them the most.  I usually have a chicory plot they like, but I think they are really keying in on the brassica kill plot.  My deer destroy the tops of these turnips as well as dig up the 1,000s and 1,000s of turnips themselves.  I believe a lot of insects find the ones left decaying under the soil and in turn, the Kentucky turkey find them!  Since I do this "for fun," I am always making changes to the food plots.  Oats are also a popular choice of mine, and who doesn't like some winterwheat to look at December - February.

Of course I have 4 auto-feeders spitting out corn feeding whatever life finds them.  It's automatic every time you sit deer hunting you'll see turkey.  They wonder around the woods, but always find a way to eat my corn!  Kentucky whitetail outfitters usually often turkey hunts as well.  It's a fun and rewarding time to be out in the woods just for a short weekend and have a good time without burning up too much vacation time.

Kentuck Turkey Hunting Lease

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Kentucky Turkey Hunts

Kentucky Turkey Hunting Lease
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