Booking a Deer Hunt Pitfalls

It happens every year that I have people come out and look at the land.  They are the types of hunters that are very particular about choosing the right hunting Whitetail outfitter.  When booking a Kentucky deer hunt, I tell people about the openings, but they can change on a dime.  All I require is a simple text that says, "We'll take the gun hunt" or "We're sending a check in the mail."  I immediately cross off those dates and consider them booked for the season.  I then contact the people that were considering those dates and let them know of the current options.

The problem is that the hunters that are maticulous about their decision making misses out!  And these are the types of hunters I hate to lose!  I know they'll:

  • take care of the property
  • not leave trash around
  • take good shots
  • make sure the buck is a shooter

But each year I have to make the tough phone call or tell these hunters that, "i'm sorry, but those dates are no longer available."  You should always take your time and do your research when you're spending good money going on a paid Kentucky whitetail hunt.  my place fits a "nice" of the type of outdoorsman that doesn't need all the bells and whistles. My hunting cabin is very basic with just the essentials.  I don't serve you great meals and I don't walk you to your stand.  These types of services cost good money because they tend to be done by the guy payiing on a million dollar mortgae.  his time is valuable.  I offer do-it-yuorself hunts, but I do give you a tour of the property prior to you coming out.

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