Keys to a Good Deer Blind

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We’ve all made good and bad blind in our attempts to kill the elusive bruiser buck.  So what are some of the good and bad things we’ve liked about them?

 Bad Elements of a Deer Blind:
No back drop behind you
Too light on the inside
Too big of an opening
Too small of an opening
Too many blind spots
It’s not “brushed in” to nature enough
The seat or floor makes a sound every time you move
There are too many trees in your way

Good Elements of a Deer Blind:

Let’s just say the opposite of all the above

So why do we do this to ourselves?  We know better.  Probably the #1 thing I want in a blind is the ability to see everything around me.  Yes it’s important that the deer not be able to see you moving around in the blind, but I want vision.  We have the unfair advantage of not only being elevated, but our purpose to kill the buck.  They have a purpose of not being killed and to locate water, food, shelter and to mate. 

I personally never used heaters in my blinds. I’m sure people do and think nothing of it, but I’d bet these people aren’t regular shooting nice bucks every year either!  We all know the people who say, “Ah…I smoke cigarettes and go to the bathroom outside of my blind and have had bucks come up and just stare at me.”  A blind squirrel finds a nut from time to time; we can’t argue with that.  It’s all about being in the woods and enjoying hunting.  Enjoying the things humans have done for 100’s of thousands of year and getting away from the fast-paced world of technology.  Sure, we still take cell phones to the deer blind, but hopefully that just keeps you occupied to stay in the woods a little bit longer to get a chance at  Kentucky whitetail trophy deer.  Deer hunting in Kentucky is a passion of our and we hope you get a chance to come and hunt our Kentucky hunting lease.Type your paragraph here.