You can find Kentucky hunting land for sale, but not all land is created equally.  Location. Location. Location as they say.  Vehicular traffic, water/lake limitations, developments, nearby farms that will be turned into subdivisions, it all takes a toll on the deer herd.  My area tends to be hilly, aka, 100's of years of non development with no future growth/urban sprawl on the horizon.  Probably the real value is having good neighbors that are only interested in big bucks.  

Kentucky Deer Hunting

Kentucky deer hunting

I am Retiring in 2025 - If anyone is interested in property purchase  

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Kentucky deer hunts
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Option to Purchase Near 2025: - $790,000 - 150+- acres. 2014 log home/cabin that is rented year-round to a traveling nurse who helps no interest in moving and help keep the area free of poachers.  There is also a 2015 smaller cabin "hunters cabin" to stay in on the land.  A old rickity 40X80+- tobacco barn stands for dry storage of all my food plotting equipment.  Property on this road has been in our family for easily over 100 years.  My brother still has his retirement home on the 80 acres next door - he seemingly only hunts for 2 hours each year on opening day of rifle season. 

Hard rock creek bottom around some of the property.  To enter the property, one must be committed.  After coming through the entry, there is a concrete bridge crossing a creek.  This makes trespassing all but impossible.  Surrounding property owners are great neighbors.  The guy other than family owns multiple farms, and he will only shoot 140" deer or bigger. 

I enjoy managing the land for wildlife and talking to hunters who purchase hunts.  Believe it or not, it's so much more fun than hunting.  Sitting on a tractor, creating a food plot plan each year, fertilizing, keeping track of soil PH, looking at deer/turkey/coyote/ bobcat tracks, fill corn auto-feeders, putting out mineral sites, etc.


​Text or CAll:  270-766-7166

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