Kentucky Turkey Season
Late season bow hunting

Kentucky Deer Season - late 

What are the top food sources to hunt over a given evening?  What kind of criteria would you use to consider a late-season hunt?  Late December can be very tough because they can bed very near the food source.  Biologic Maximum is a good choice because of the rape/brassicas.  Beans and corn are always a good choice for structure and random browse.  If there is snow cover, then corn and beans, of course, will be the best  draw for late-season Kentucky whitetail hunts.  Everyone talks about the brassicas offering the turnips in the ground.  My deer herd will nibble at the 1,000’s of turnip bulbs in the ground, but they are largely left in the ground, to my dismay.  The Kentucky deer hunts I offer were relying on my deer to devour those turnips, but I have changed tactics.

I switched from New Zealand Brassicas to Rape because Rape spends more of its energy focusing on green foliage vs. a larger turnip.  Some of my non-hunted larger food plots I put in cereal rye to create  better late season and early spring food source for the deer.  Ky deer hunting is pretty reliable when it comes to the weather.  We know we’re not going to be hunting in snow for the most part.

Expect some lush green browse on the hunting grounds.  Kentucky bow hunting should be wonderful at the ranch this year.  Kentucky outfitters should all consider maximizing the late season potential for the elusive whitetail to show its face.  Kentucky deer hunting leases are not all made equally.  Kentucky deer hunting guides vary from property owner to property owner.  Please take the time to see a wonderful Kentucky deer hunting outfitter in person to determine your next late-season whitetail hunt.