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Kentucky Hunting Lease

Have you decided to go on a paid hunt in Kentucky?  Are you considering deer hunting in the bluegrass state?  There are many great outfitters to choose from, but it’s a difficult process attempting to decipher who the good deer guides are and who has a Kentucky whitetail guide service that isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

 What my ranch offers is a full-time Kentucky deer hunting outfitter  ( and guide service 11 months out of the year.  The catch is that you just get the benefits of my deer management expertise indirectly.  Our property is done to the best of any standard when it comes to food plots, mineral sites, cover, etc.  When you actually decide to find a hunting lease, and purchase time from me, it is a self-guided hunt.  I won’t be there to get in the way.  You’ll be provided trail maps to access all the food plots and deer stands, but if you need my help above and beyond that, I really don’t want you on my property.  No offense, but there is a certain amount of outdoor sportsmanship I need as I entrust you not to go blasting small deer just because you count 8 points on their rack.  That came out a little rude.  Let me say I actually don’t have the time to cook food and provide transportation to and from hunting sites.  If you can afford to swing the extra money to be pampered, why not do it?  They can’t burry you with money in the end.  My lodging is not high-end at all! It’s simple with the basics and you feel like you’re out in rugged Kentucky deer hunting ( country.  We only hunt 1 farm.  It is 95% wooded with the other 8+ acres scattered in small huntable kill plots throughout the Kentucky trophy deer property.  Paying to hunt deer in Kentucky really is an efficient way to get your hunting fix in.  Owning and managing is much more expensive by 100 fold, but it is also rewarding or I wouldn’ be doing it.

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