Kentucky Youth Hunt

Kentucky Deer Hunting

This situation is for your child only.  It is $1,500 per hunter, but only you and your kid(s) would be at camp.  We will lift the 125' minimum buck rule for the youth hunt only, allowing you to shoot any animal you'd like.  So essentially if you want your child to shoot a deer, I'd calculate the odds at 100% assuming they can shoot straight.  And because I get plenty of lawyers, they'd tell me to say something like, "assuming they can shoot straight, pull the trigger, the gun was loaded and aimed at the heart of the deer, assuming a bird or an alien did not interfer, etc. (Lawyers know we don't care for their necessary evil business:)

My only request is that you wait!  At least hunt a day looking for a nice buck.  Paying for hunts is a tricky business, if you pass up deer, you can always go home empty-handed.  It's part of the thrill of the hunt.   You will see does each day, so if you want to go home with an animal and get that cool photo no matter what, this is the hunt for you.