Kentucky Hunting Land For Sale


Option #2:  I have 155 acres and places to offer your family.

If you're looking for a "retreat" in case of civil unrest, martial law, economic collapse, accidental nuclear war, etc. I have the perfect cabin(s) for you to use, but the real value is the property, underground shelter to be used, the the isolated area of prior military people that forms a considerable protected area of 1,000's and 1,000's of acres. Email me for more questions. I'm a simple teacher who is looking for "family partner" to enjoy the peace of mind of a retreat able to survive anything. Upon any catastrophe, country retreats such as this instantly become of value whatever you believe "life" is worth.

We do already have the farm machinery, farmland, woodland, wildlife, etc. to sustain whatever is required until a "martial law" type of setting has subsided. This is a retreat place for us to live, but we do live full-time 90 miles away. It would be nice to have another financially stable family to participate in a common goal w/ like-minds. There is an "everyday" cabin above ground just built for my retreat I currently rent. This is about 300 yards off the road. This place is managed for trophy deer, so it's nothing you could expect to bring your kids out and 4-wheel ride. Now could there be some weekends out for the summer to camp and enjoy some of the outdoors, and I certainly would take your grandkids to shoot their first trophy buck when space is available at no charge.  I foresee us being partners who could share costs in our "safe haven". Email any questions you might have. 

This situation/opportunity is really for someone who won't miss their stocks/bank account reading $175,000 instead of $225,000 or $500,000 down $50,000 to $450,000. A few digits on a monthly statement vs. this type of "real life tangible" security/safety for your loved ones.

The second cabin is totally off grid powered by solar. We can watch tv and have lights if the sun disappeared for several weeks just on backup power alone. There is also gas lights, gas stove, gas heat, etc., all off-grid.  I have several generators, stored fuel, a rain collection system, artisian spring water well, 60+ fruit trees, all farm implements, etc. It's just "fun" stuff I like to do. 

We both are 40+ yr. olds in education, but "she" doesn't enjoy the country hobbies. We just got back from Italy, Ireland and Africa and have seen most of the world. I'm recently out of the military and have picked up sportbike racing at the local corvette track in Bowling Green. Making sure the property is prepped for Kentucky deer hunting is a larger "fun" thing I do. 4 day gun hunts bring in $1,900 per person and bow hunting is closer to $800 per 5 days per person. It's truly a sustainable area should anything happen. 

I appreciate people offering guns and skills, but I only request the $50,000 it's going to take to put in the 3rd shelter, which will be a total self-sustaining underground shelter. I wouldn't say I lack the money, I just want someone else to pay for it because I know it's a very fair "deal".  It would be a great situation for both families.  Nuclear proof, biological/zeeka type wide-spread virus proof, breathable air, solar powered and enough food to keep us alive for 3 months to a year. Your kids or grandkids will be more than welcome to help and participate. 

Planned costs of project:

$5000 - Total Excavation Work on side of hill
$1,000 - Gravel for drainage/back fill 
$200 -drain tile
$3,500 - Concrete slab / footer
$5,000 -Roof/Center Supports
$7,000 - Poured walls / steps / roof
$3,000 - pvc/electrical material/plumbing
$2,000 - Sealer/water proofing materials
$1000 - Door 
$4,500 - Air filtration
$1,500 - Battery Bank / Solar Setup (same as to what I have in one of the above ground cabins)
Most Labor (free)

Everything is a gamble and it's about taking a chance on someone. So I guess my question to you is that can you afford your monthly stock report to show up with $50,000 less money?  That money buys you 8 passes and discretion is necessary. Nobody will know the location of the underground bunker except your 8 and my people.  Upon an economic collapse and serious issues, your spots just became worth $100,000 each.  Upon accidental nuclear war, your spots just became worth over $1,000,000 each. 

Whoever we end up doing this with, it will be a leap of faith. I get along w/ all types of people and the purpose of this is just a security blanket of survival. That alone should be a common enough interest to make a strong friendship.  I'm not a "gun guy", but I do have all the guns, night vision, tactical gear, etc.  Your family will be in good hands and that's all you need to know.  

Our teacher finances say I need to get someone to pitch in that $50,000 to help me out.  I'd ask for more, but I'm a realist.  If you have 100k to pitch in, I'd tell you to consider doing it yourself because I'm sure family members would like the challenge to create such a place.
Email me thoughts or questions.